Army Offers 20,000 to New Recruits

Posted September 9th, 2007 by SgtStryker

The Military has seen a decline in new recruits lately and the Army has decided to do something about it. Now, the Army is offering a bonus of $20,000 for new recruits, hoping to reach 80,000 new recruits by the end of 2007.

The Army states that this is the largest bonus they have ever given, having previously given out bonuses of 10,000 in March and 15,000, but never have they given a bonus of this magnitude before.

The bonus does come with a stipulation however. You see normally when a man or woman enlists in the army, they usually wait about 40 days before they are sent overseas for combat. With the $20,000 bonus, they may be sent to combat immediately (after completing basic and their advanced training). The new bonus program was initiated on July 6th and has already caused a surge in recruits. So far, 6,200 new enlistees have accepted the offer. When a new soldier finishes basic training, they will receive fifty percent of their bonus, the rest of the bonus is received after they have completed all of their training and have begun their active duty.

The $20,000 bonus doesn’t replace other benefits such as the G.I. Bill; the enlistee is still eligible for the college tuition money as well as their other benefits. For those who are considering enlisting, the bonus has been a huge incentive. In fact, the bonus is more than most young adults who are enlisting have ever made before. The bonus comes at a time where many people are hoping that troops will begin to pull out from Iraq.

The war has been undergoing intense scrutiny as people (particularly Democrats); are calling for an end to the war, however the President has pledged to stay on course and this means that we need more recruits.

How do you feel about the bonus? Do you think it is a good incentive, or do you think it is an unfair tactic being used by the government to sway young adults into joining the military? Also, do you think it’s worth it? Would you be tempted to join the Army for a $20,000 bonus?

Many people have already voiced their opinions that they don’t think the $20,000 bonus is a good idea. However, the new recruits don’t seem to agree. Analysts expect that by the end of September, the army should reach their goals for new recruits.

The Quick Ship program means that you will leave for basic training within one month, and you may serve in combat within four months of your initial enrollment date. It doesn’t seem to bother many of the new recruits, however. They seem to be very excited about the $20,000 and they don’t seem to have any problems with the Quick Ship rules or policies. If you are interested in finding out more about the Quick Ship program or would like more information regarding the $20,000 bonus, you may want to contact one of your local recruiters for further information.

5 Responses to “Army Offers 20,000 to New Recruits”

  1. HokiePundit

    $20k is a chunk of change. If you figure that you’re going to get deployed once or twice every four years anyway, the only reason I can imagine not to go for this program if you’re enlisting is that you think things may end in the next few months. At this point in the war, I have to think that $20,000 tax-free is a pretty decent enticement.

    Too bad I won’t be eligible.

  2. gigimn

    Isn’t this strange, I wish my Grandson would come on and comment..he was offered a very large bonus by his recruiter while he was in High School.after he enlisted he was told it was a mistake.
    Since his discharge 4 years ago, they have tried to recruit him again..he laughs at them when they call.

  3. PV1henry

    I was offered the bonus…but only if the bill is passed buy Bush.

  4. boberdog

    A great Website for information, but who designed it, an idiot. I want to be able to read it properly. This brown background is just pathetic, too hard to read the white text. Anyway, I have 5 son’s, 2 daughters. Do not make my family laugh at the $20,000 proposal. I have 3 son’s that want to join up, but I told them, they would never be in my will if they did. I have convinced them that a $200,000 signing proposal would be the right figure. This is our Magnitude.

    Reasons given is that the training provided is pathetic. My son’s are not going to war with some nut beside them who wants to rape women and kill innocent people. This shows me that the training needs training. It takes more than a year to train the right soldier. It takes about the same time to train a baby out of diapers. If you can sit there and tell me that your training is perfect, well I will tell you that you are liar’s.

    Who was the Masterful Magnificent trainer who trained guy’s like Steven D. Green, Paul E. Cortez, James P. Barker, Jesse V. Spielman, Bryan L. Howard, Anthony W. Yribe, and the pricks of the Hamdania Incident, etc, etc. The trainers should be made to go down with all these flukes. How many other flukes are in the U.S. of A. for Asswhole Army anyway. You have made a mockery of Easy Company 101st Airborne. I have seen The Band Of Brothers at least 8 times. How many Herbert Sobel’s and Norman Dike’s have you got signed up. I would want my son’s around guy’s like Richard Winters, Donald Malarkey, Denver Randleman and Bill Guarnere, not idiots signing up for a horror movie.

    Oh yes , the movie tells me so, “REDACTED”, it looks to me that the training is going on at the same time the war is going on. Why did Angel Salazar get himself BLOWN UP, because he had to train an idiot who shouldn’t have been there in the first place. You are not ever going to put one of my son’s in a trophy case because some inadequate freak doesn’t give a Damn. If there ever is a draft, Canada, here we come. I hear they train up there, “the Right stuff”. I Support My Troopers, not the F……Bloopers!

  5. Mattl

    Very Interesting…By the way, I saw a documentary trailer about an Iraq training simulation facility right in California. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I’ve seen plenty of films about Iraq taken in Iraq, but this is something about right at our home in the US!! It’s called Full Battle Rattle:

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